Election Procedures

  1. In its report, the Nominating Committee has presented a complete slate based on wide consultation and approved by the present Executive Council.
  2. ICLA members in good standing are invited to submit additional nominations for the post of Assessor in writing to one of the two Secretaries General. At least seven signatures are needed to validate a nomination, and such nominations should be received no later than two weeks before a congress.
  3. At is pre-congress meeting, the Executive Council will finalize the slate of candidates and prominently post it.
  4. In the opening session of the General Assembly at Paris, the Secretaries will inform the members of the location of the polling place and its hours of operation.
  5. Members in good standing will obtain a ballot at the polling place, mark it there, and deposit it in the designated urn. The secret balloting and counting of votes will occur under the supervision of the Secretaries and the Tellers’ Committee.

Candidates for Officers and Members of the Executive Council

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  • Those whose names are marked with an asterisk have already completed one term in the designated office.

Hans Bertens (Netherlands)


Vice Presidents

Marc Maufort (Belgium)

Anders Pettersson (Sweden)

Monica Spiridon (Romania)*

Zhou Xiaoyi (China)*



John Burt Foster (USA)*

Micéala Symington (France/Ireland)



Kamigaito Ken’ichi (Japan)*

Hans-Joachim Backe (Germany)

Kathleen Komar (USA)*



Christine Baron (France)

Lisa Block de Behar (Uruguay)

Lucia Boldrini (Great Britain)*

Cho Sung-Won (Korea)*

Francis Claudon (France)*

Wiebke Denecke (USA)

Massimo Fusillo (Italy)

Isabel Capeloa Gil (Portugal)*

Marina Grishakova (Estonia)*

Peter Hajdu (Hungary)*

Hashimoto Yorimitsu (Japan)

Ute Heidmann (Switzerland)*

Achim Hölter (Austria)

Victor Ivanovici (Greece)

Pirjo Lyytikäinen (Finland)*

Oshima Hitoshi (Japan)

E.V. Ramakrishnan (India)

Haun Saussy (USA)*

Márcio Seligmann-Silva (Brazil)

Irene Sywenky (Canada)

Anne Tomiche (France)*

Hein Viljoen (South Africa)*

Yang Huilin (China)

Zhang Longxi (Hong Kong)*