Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating Committee (2022-2025):

Stefan Helgesson

to be confirmed soon

Role of the Nominating Committee

The role of the Nominating Committee is to identify a slate of suitable candidates for the elections of officers and members of the Executive Council, mindful of diversity of scientific expertise and approaches, broad geographical and linguistic representation, as well as gender balance. Nominees must be AILC-ICLA members in good standing who are active and engaged with the Association or show willingness to engage with the ICLA and its activities.

The Chair of the Nominating Committee is chosen by the President, with the approval of the Executive Council. The other members of the Committee are chosen by the Chair in consultation with the President, to ensure a diversity of scientific and linguistic expertise and geography. In seeking candidates, the Nominating Committee consults with the Executive Council, including the chairs of other Administrative and Research Committees.

The Nominating Committee reports to the Executive Council at its annual meetings, and presents a selection of candidates at the Executive Council meeting in the year preceding the elections, which take place at the Association’s Congress.  The Executive Council discusses and approves the list, and can make additional or alternative recommendations. The approved list will be published on the Association’s website.

Section IV of the Statutes describes the composition of the Executive Council and how its officers and members are elected. As stipulated by the Statutes, 16 members are elected in addition to the Honorary Committee of officers (President, 4 Vice Presidents, 2 Secretaries, 3 Treasurers). Immediately after the election and before the announcement of the results, the Nominating Committee in consultation with the incoming President will identify two additional members from the remaining slate of candidates, for election to the Executive Council.

Individual members of the AILC-ICLA can also nominate candidates of the Executive Council. The list of candidates for the election that will take place at next Congress and how to nominate additional candidates to the Executive Committee can be found on the Elections page.

The yearly reports of the Nominating Committee can be downloaded below:

Report of the Nominating Committee, 2021
Nominating Committee Report, 2018