National Associations Plus (NAPlus)

This Committee, approved in December 2019, will seek new ways to include National Associations (NA) affiliated to the AILC-ICLA more prominently at various levels of our organization: at the ICLA Congresses (for example, through panels they might sponsor, or meetings), in our research committees, and in promoting collaborations, such as joint events or publications. It will be pleased to receive suggestions arising from NAs regarding any aspect of the AILC-ICLA activities, structures, outreach, etc.

The Committee will also reach out to Comparative Literature Associations not currently affiliated with us.

As the “Plus” in its name indicates, the Committee will also explore ways to extend our research internationally, collaborating with various other organisations at all levels.

Co-Chairs (2022-25):
Toshiko Ellis
Haun Saussy

To be confirmed soon