Publication : From Ritual to Romance and Beyond

Nous vous annonçons la publication récente du volume From Ritual to Romance and Beyond: Comparative Literature and Comparative Religious Studies, rédigé par Manfred Schmeling et Hans-Joachim Backe.

A propos de la publication

      (notice publicitaire du livre, en anglais seulement)

« When Jessie L. Watson’s From Ritual to Romance was published in 1920, the book paved the way for a joint perspective of comparative literature and comparative religion. Almost a century later, they have become established academic disciplines all around the world – more valued than ever in the quickly changing socio-political climate of the twenty-first century. Inspired by Weston’s central ideas, this book has gathered 25 contributions in English and French that combine comparative perspectives on literature and religion. The common aim is to treat both aspects not as disconnected phenomena, but to explore the modes and parameters of their mutual influence. Topics range from the sometimes difficult relations of the arts and contemporary belief systems to culture’s cherished religious and mythical heritage, from encounters between different religions and cultures to the religious component in literature’s preoccupation with ethics. The result is a collection of essays that reflects the diversity of authors, texts and religions involved. »

Information de publication

Publié par Königshausen und Neumann
Würzburg 2011
ISBN: 978-3-8260-4583-7