ECARE – Early-Career Researcher Development Committee

As the demands for hiring and promotion in comparative literature change in accordance with the new academic landscapes in arts and humanities, but also as matters of academic concern are changing, the ICLA has moved to organize spaces where the complexities of laboring in our transforming field and the changing nature of its early-career constituency, in its widely different geographical nature, are addressed.

Because a thriving academic Association requires the creative energy that arises from its youngest members, the ICLA, during the XXI Congress of the ICLA, held at the University of Vienna in July 2016, created the Committee for Early Career Development (ECARE) with the aim of addressing the changing research concerns that drive the work of early-career researchers and to support their career development.

Members of the ECARE Committee:

ECARE voted the new officers for the next triennium.

Chair: William Spurlin (Brunel University, UK)
Vice-Chair: Paulo Lemos Horta (NYU, Abu Dhabi)
Vice- Chair: Emanuelle Santos (U. Warwick, UK)

Members of the committee:

Isabel Capeloa Gil (UCP, Portugal),
William Spurlin (Brunel University, UK),
Paulo Lemos (NYU, Abu Dhabi)
Paulo de Medeiros (U. Warwick, UK),
Anne Tomiche (Université de Paris, Sorbonne, France),
Noriko Hiraishi (U. of Tsukuba, Japan)
Early career researchers:
Eugenia Kelbert (Post-doc, U. Passau, Germany),
Emmanuelle Santos (U. Warwick, UK),
Karina Sembe (Uni. Kiev/Univ. Vienna),
Myriam Olah (U. Lausanne),
Jana Vijayakumaran (Doctoral candidate, U. Bochum).
Vera Herold (Doctoral candidate, JLU, Giessen and UCP, Portugal)

The ECARE Committee aims to disseminate information that can positively contribute to early-career research and development, including opportunities for research collaboration, conferences, funding, job positions and networking.

The AILC-ICLA has established, through its ECARE Committee, three new prizes for Graduate Students and Early-Career Researchers:

  • Best Graduate Paper Prize at a Congress of the AILC-ICLA (This prize will be inaugurated at the XXIII Congress in Tbilisi, Georgia, in July 2022)
  • First Book Subvention
  • Best Translation Prize

More details will be published shortly.

Please contact the ECARE Committee at
Contact for the prizes:

For more information, visit the ECARE website at

To download the reports of the ECARE Committee to the ICLA, click below:

ECARE Addendum Report-June 2021
ECARE Committee Report Aug 2019-November 2020