Hosting a Congress of the ICLA

Might your university or National Association be interested in hosting a Congress of the AILC-ICLA?

NB: The call for Expressions of Interest in the organisation of
the XXV Triennial Congress in 2028 will open soon.

AILC-ICLA Congresses are held every three years. A list of Congress locations and dates can be found here:

The Congress normally takes place in late July or August and, as a general rule, lasts seven days. Depending on years, congresses have attracted between 1000 and 2000 delegates from all over the world. The AILC-ICLA is committed to inclusivity and the support of junior scholars alongside established ones. Official languages for the Congress, including all published information and website, are French, English and the local language(s).

The ICLA offers a contribution of $10,000 towards the costs of organising the Congress. Delegates’ fees and sponsorships will cover the rest of the expenses.

Given the complexity of organising such a large event, we wish to clarify the process as much as is possible and have published a Congress Hosting Guide (updated Jan 2023); we would also like to enable extensive lead time for the organisation.

Calls for expressions of interest will be issued 4-5 years before the event; we will then invite formal bids, which will be discussed by the Executive Council. Normally, unless there are disruptions to the schedule, the General Assembly of AILC-ICLA members meeting at a Congress will approve the choice of location for the following Congress, or choose through a vote if there are multiple proposals. A Memorandum of Understanding will be then agreed and signed by both parties.

In bids to host a Congress, we will be looking for detailed answers to questions such as:

  • Proposed theme of the Congress (a theme broad enough to welcome participants with varied interests and specialisms)
  • Proposed Congress dates
  • Location of the Congress; number of delegates you would be able to host; and facilities available for in-person attendance
  • Technology available: for website, online registration, and possible online presentation of seminars or entire conference
  • Availability of accommodation for delegates, and its location
  • An estimate of overall costs; estimate of expected individual cost for participants

More information can be found in the Hosting Guide and any questions can be directed to the Secretaries, Anne Duprat and Ipshita Chanda.