Confirmed list of Candidates for Election, AILC-ICLA Executive Council, 2022-25

The election of the new officers of the AILC-ICLA for the term 2022-25 will open soon.

The President, 4 Vice Presidents, 2 Secretaries, 3 Treasurers and 16 members of the Executive Council will be elected (with two more members of the Executive Council selected from the list of non-elected candidates, as described in article IV of the Statutes).

The confirmed list of candidates, with short biographies, has now been published on the page: Elections of officers and members of the Executive Council, where you can find more information about the elections. You can also download the list here.

As previously announced, from 2022, elections will be held online.

The Election Process

The online elections will open on 7 July 2022 at 00:01 Paris time and continue until 27 July 2022 at 23.59 Paris time.

In order to vote, members must have been members of the AILC-ICLA for at least 2 weeks before the opening of the elections (by 23 June 2022). Ensure your membership is up to date to be able to take part in the elections.

When the elections open, members will be sent by email a unique link to the ballot paper. 

Voters can only vote once.

To help us manage the elections effectively, especially for this first time that they are held online, the AILC-ICLA will be supported by Digimentors

To ensure the integrity and security of the elections, they will be conducted via Election Buddy. Emails announcing the elections and the ballot paper will be sent from the address: invitations [at] We advise you to make a note of this address and save it among your safe senders list.

All data will be handled in accordance with GDPR standards of data protection.

Key dates:

  • An email with a unique link to the ballot paper will be sent when the election opens, at 00:01 Paris time on 7 July.
  • Elections will close at 23.59 on 27 July (Paris time).

The result of the ballot will be announced at the General Assembly on 28 July 2022, and online.