AILC-ICLA Statement on the war in Ukraine

As an association created soon after World War II and dedicated to the peaceful study of the world’s many languages, literatures and cultures, we are devastated at the tragic war in Ukraine. The evident destruction and loss of life, and the hundreds of thousands of people fleeing across borders affect us all – the Ukrainian people most deeply, their close neighbors in Europe and Asia, and individuals everywhere who build their lives on ideals of freedom and peace.  

We express solidarity with all Ukrainian academics, university students, as well as all Ukrainian citizens and residents.  We express support for our many colleagues in other nearby nations – including those at the site of our next AILC-ICLA Congress in Tbilisi, Georgia – and also stand with those peoples everywhere who suffer war, fear, or oppression.  We believe in the power and the authority of words, and work as an institution to support an immediate, lawful, and lasting peace.