Agenda for General Assembly and a message from the President

As previously announced, the ICLA General assembly will take place on 28 July 2022.

Please find below: 1) a message from the AILC-ICLA President, Sandra Bermann; 2) the Agenda for the General Assembly; and 3) the link to take part via Zoom if you are not able to attend in person. 

1. A message from Sandra Bermann, AILC-ICLA President:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As my term as President comes to an end, I want to thank the AILC-ICLA’s global constituency for your many contributions to the work accomplished over the past three years – and your many heartening expressions of collegiality. Our Association has constantly striven for a perspective of openness, transparency, and connectivity across time and place.  I am confident that these ideals, along with the spirit of deep curiosity and innovation that characterizes the work of so many AILC-ICLA colleagues will continue well into the future, making our field an ongoing source of hope – as well as a challenging space of learning and critical reflection.

I look forward very much to seeing you at our General Assembly next week, where important changes in the AILC-ICLA will be discussed (such as new Prizes and participation Grants; new Early Career initiatives; new, more inclusive online elections; an enhanced literary journal; and new, clearer avenues for participating in or creating AILC-ICLA Research Committees, among other innovations).  

Meanwhile, let me mention that for the first time in our Association’s history, all our members around the globe are receiving this message through a central mailing list.  Now that this very time-consuming work is done, we are also resuming production of the AILC-ICLA Newsletter and expect to send it starting September 2022.  

Below, you’ll find a brief Agenda for our meeting, and a link to attend it.  Please do join us!

Warmest regards,


Sandra L. Bermann
Cotsen Professor in the Humanities
Professor of Comparative Literature
Princeton University
President AILC/ICLA (2019-22)

2. General Assembly Agenda:

AILC-ICLA General Assembly

July 28, 2022

17:00-18:30 (Georgia Time)


Professor Sandra Bermann, President of ICLA 2019-22, officiating

  1. Comparative Literature in a Plural World: A Report on the Activities of the AILC-ICLA 2019-22
  2. Announcement of ICLA Prizes: 
    • the Anna Balakian Prize
    • the Early Career First Book Subvention Prize
    • the Early Career Translation Prize
  3. Ratification of Chairs of Standing Research Committees
  4. Results of Online Elections: New Officers of the AILC-ICLA
  5. Vote on the site for AILC-ICLA XXIV International Congress 2025

3. How to attend the General Assembly

If you are in Tbilisi at the Congress, you will find there directions to the room at the Hotel where the Assembly will take place.

If you are attending remotely: A link to attend remotely via Zoom has been sent to all AILC-ICLA members on 20 or 21 July 2022 (check the spam folder if you do not see it).