About the Administrative (Advisory) Committees

Administrative Committees, also known in the Statutes as Advisory Committees, advise the Executive Council about various aspects of the Association’s work, its structure and governance, forms of support for its members, the approval and renewal of research committees.

Their Chairs are appointed by the ICLA President, as the Statutes describe, and the rest of the members are appointed by the Chair and the President, according  to criteria of representativeness (such as geographical, linguistic, scientific, of gender…) and of relevant experience or expertise.

Advisory Committees are appointed for a term, normally coinciding with the term of the Executive Council. Chairs of Advisory Committees do not have voting rights on the Executive Council, but are invited to take part in its meetings.

The Committees submit an annual report to the Executive Council.

Currently, the ICLA has the following Administrative Committees (for more information, click on the names):

Committee concerning the Balakian Prize: It administers the Balakian Prize, awarded to an exceptional first monograph in the field of comparative literary studies, written by a single author who has not attained the age of 40 years.

ECARE – Early-Career Researcher Development Committee: established in 2016, it seeks to address the changing research concerns that drive the work of early-career researchers and to support their career development.

National Associations Plus (NAPlus): approved in December 2019, it will seek new ways to include National Associations (NA) affiliated to the ICLA more prominently at various levels of our organization.

Nominating Committee: identifies a slate of suitable candidates for the elections of officers and members of the Executive Council and proposes them to the Executive Council for inclusion in the voting ballot.

Research Development Committee: it examines proposals for the establishment or renewal to ICLA Research Committees and investigates other ways to stimulate and support the research work of the Association.

Structures Committee: it is responsible for maintaining the adequacy of the organizational structures of the Association.

Participation Grants Committee: approved in 2019 (initially as Travel Grants Committee), it will develop travel grants or other support or prizes for early-career researchers.