2004 – Hong Kong

Here are the proceedings of the 2004 Congress in Hong Kong. Click on the title of the paper to download a copy (either a .doc or a .pdf file)

1. BANERJEE, Anindita Cornell University
Higher Narrative Under Fire: Epic in Contemporary Indian Media
2. BLOK, Rasmus University of Aarhus
The State of Narrative in Computational Settings – How can the multi linear digital literature be read?
3. BUCHENBERGER, Stefan Nara Women’s University
“Japan in American Comics: A Study of Japanese Influences in American Mainstream Comic Books and their Superheroes”
4. CAO, Shunqing Sichuan University
Cross-Culture: A New Change and Breakthrough of Comparative Literature
5. CHENG, Miu Bing Christina The University of Hong Kong
Matriarchy at the Edge : The Mythic Cult of Nu Wa 女媧 in Macau
6. CLAVARON, Yves Université de Saint-Etienne
“Marges et frontières dans la littérature coloniale”
7. DAI, Xun Southwest Normal University
Translingual Travel: The Discourse Practice of Cultural Hegemony
8. DONAT, Sebastian Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Absurd Literature: Exploring Limits
9. DORSEY, John T. Rikkyo University
Angelic Apparitions on Stage and Screen
10. DUARTE, João Ferreira University of Lisbon
What is it that Saramago is doing in The Gospel According to Jesus Christ? Rewriting the Gospels into Genre
11. EL-NOWIEEMY, Magda Alexandria University
Supranational Utopia: Virgil’s Arcadia
12. FARIA, Gentil Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
The Impossibility of Love in Percy Shelley and Machado de Assis
13. FERNANDES, Ana Raquel Universidade de Lisboa
Moulding Identity: Aesthetics and Society in Joyce Cary
14. GRÜNING, Hans-Georg University of Macerata
Sur «le bout de la langue»: la recherche identitaire à travers la langue dans la littérature contemporaine sud-tyrolienne
15. GUIYOBA, François ENS de Yaoundé (CAMEROUN)
L’Imagologie Africaine en Occident
16. HAN, Jiaming Peking University
Beyond Ideology and Utopia
17. HENITIUK, Valerie University of Alberta
Embodying the Boundary: The Gendered Motif of Existential Liminality in Murasaki Shikibu and Marie de France
18. HEYNDERS, Odile Tilburg University
The transforming eye – Joseph Brodsky, Cees Nooteboom and Maurice Merleau-Ponty
19. HILMES, Carola Johann-Wolfgang- Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
“Other Spaces”: Rethinking the alternative concepts of space in the novels of Kubin, Kasack and Jahnn
20. HOSILLOS, Lucila V. Ilonggo Language and Literature Foundation
Literature and Comparative Literature as Reflexive Refraction
21. JANASZEK-IVANIČKOVÁ,Halina Silesia University
The Shock of Rampant Post- Communist Capitalism : The Theme of Transformation in Slav Literature after 1989
22. JENG, Adela National Taiwan University
The Soul as Second Self before Plato
(Also available on http://www.ea.sinica.edu.tw/lib/eea-index.html)
23. KO, Chung-man Cynthia The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Spaces of Solitude: the Concept of Linguistic Homeland in Beidao’s Exile Poetry
24. KOIKE, Rie Fuji-Tokoha University
“Creole Pasts, Mauritian Futures: a Role of Dev Virahsawmy in Making a Mother Tongue of Mauritius”
25. KOMAR, Kathleen L. UCLA
“The House of Atreus in Cyberspace: Gender Battles Revisited on the World Wide Web”
26. KOPPER, John M. Dartmouth College
Multiple Sadnesses: Osip Mandelstam’s and Ovid’s Tristia and the Critic’s Dilemma in Approaching a Literature of Disengagement
27. LIU, Ying Sichuan University
Translingual Commensurability and Reciprocal Translatability — Foreign Terms and Their Cultural Nuances in the Chinese Context
28. LOBO, Luiza Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
The Philosophy of Richard Rorty and the Fate of Latin America in the field of literature and culture
29. MASE, Reiko Université Chikushi− Jogakuen
La pensée utopique de Gérard de Nerval
30. MATSUOKA, Naomi Nihon University
Kazuo Ishiguro and Shanghai: Orphans in the Foreign Enclave
31. MAURER, Karl Ruhr-Universität Bochum
The Invisible Hand. Death of the Textual Variant in the Electronic Age?
32. MERKLE, Denise Université de Moncton
External and Internal Pressures on the Translator: Relationship to censorship
33. MIYAGAWA, Akiko
Histoire et utopie dans le roman occidental à la fin du XIXe siècle et au début du XXe siècle ― Bellamy, Zola, France ―
34. OHASHI, Eri Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture
Deux Salomés : l’utopie chez Flaubert et chez Wilde
35. PETTERSSON, Anders Umea University
Describing Other Literary Cultures
36. PETTERSSON, Anders Umea University
Literary history and the concept of literature
37. QU, Shijing
Post-colonial Novelist: V.S. Naipaul, Floater – A Freeman, A world Citizen
38. REIS, José Eduardo University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), University of Oporto
Millenarian Utopia: Antonio Vieira and the Puritan ‘Fifth Monarchy Men’
39. REN, Yiming Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
Three Metaphorical uses of “Silence” in Three Female Postcolonial Writers’ Works
40. RICAPITO, Joseph V. Louisiana State University
A Globalized Cervantes
41. RÖNNE MOBERG, Bergur University of Copenhagen
The Don Juan motif in William Heinesen’s writing
42. SCHMIDT, Karin
Cinderella in Vietnam
43. SHANGO-LOKOHO, Tumba Université Paris III
Considérations sur l’esthétique négro-africaine francophone d’hier et d’aujourd’hui
44. SHANKMAN, Steven University of Oregon Eugene
“Prosaic Profundity: The Dream of the Red Chamber and Clarissa as Higher Narratives”
History & Desire in P.O. Enquist’s  Livläkarens besök (1999)
46. SUZUKI, Sadahiro Ochanomizu University
“The Marriage of East and West”:
Bernard Leach as a Cultural Pilgrim
47. TAKEDA, Noriko Hiroshima University
A Word’s Power: The Additional “Snow” in a Japanese Pre-Feminist Poem’s English Translation
48. TALVET, Jüri University of Tartu
On the Magic Border: Notes on Magic Realism and Tellurism in (Latin-American) Prose Fiction
49. THORNTON, Naoko Fuwa Japan Women’s University
Translation as a Counter-Colonial Tool: Okakura Kakuzo’s The Book of Tea
50. UMEMOTO, Junko Nihon University
Lafcadio Hearn as a Wanderer
51. VASSALLO, Ligia Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
52. VEG, Sebastian University of Tours
Lu Xun and the three betrayals of fiction: a problematic definition at the crossroads of several traditions.
53. VENTURINO, Steven J. Loyola University
Signifying on China’s Dialogue with Minority Criticism: African-American Literary Theory and Tibetan Discourse
54. WHITE, Erdmute Wenzel Purdue University
Dreaming in Color: German Expressionists and the Art of Self-Invention
55. WOOD, Felicity University of Fort Hare
Blood Money: Biblical and economic interpretations of oral narratives concerning wealth-giving snakes in the northern Transkei/ Kokstad area, South Africa
56. YAMANAKA, K. Toyo University
‘Anti-Poeticism’ in Japanese Poetic Tradition
57. YOSHIHARA, Yukari University of Tsukuba
A Transvestite Caliban Rules over Kowloon — The Tempest in Kowloon : A Takarazuka adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tempest
58. YUE, Daiyun Peking University, P.R. China
Comparative Literature in the Era of Globalization – From the Chinese Perspective
59. ZHANG, Xiang Zhongshan University
Oriental Folk Woodblock Prints in a Cross-cultural Context: Japanese Ukiyo-e and Chinese New Year Picture in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century